The new rotary valve for inflow and outflow stream control: inventiveness and creativity “made in Italy”

Processes within controlled conditions are increasingly common within the technical sector. Controlled conditions relates to conditions when contaminant gasses must remain outside a particular process environment, in order to not spoil the processed product.

It is now possible to innovate this method of production cycle with an inflow and outflow gas stream control device.

A brilliant Italian engineer invented and patented a new rotary atmosphere relief valve for inflow and outflow gas stream control.

This device can process products and aliments whilst preserving their full integrity. It prevents perishable items from harm and avoids any contamination. This product is extremely useful during fruit processing, especially in wine production.

If used correctly, the rotary valve prohibits oxidation and allows the fruits organoleptic properties to remain intact and unaltered until the processing phase.

The rotary valve can also improve other production processes, such as drugs, electronics, chemistry, fermentation processes, waste disposal, chemical vapour deposition and welding.

The invention is patented.

Centro Sviluppo Brevetti is looking for international companies interested in developing the product and launching it onto the market.

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