Innovation and low costs. Here comes a new 3D printer for metals.
Over time, 3D printing of metals has had a great impact on the industrial sector, where it is used to build prototypes or finished products of complex projects. The main drawback is that printers currently capable of making metal objects using additive technology are very expensive and therefore not within the reach of SMEs.

The invented machine goes beyond this limit.

We are talking about a project, protected by patent, which has already obtained several awards (and funding) at both European and Italian level. The machine has been designed to be used with a wide variety of metallic materials to meet the different needs of the market. Particularly, performing and working does not present excessive costs. The investment is in fact within the reach of small and medium enterprises.

Centro Sviluppo Brevetti is looking for international companies interested in developing the product and launching it onto the market. For further information please contact