In recent years and in several countries the real estate market has suffered significantly, especially new constructions. However, tax reliefs are frequently used to enable renovation works.

Spatial optimisation of dwellings is crucial in metropolitan environments, not only in extreme situations (e.g. studio apartments, mini-apartments, prefabricated houses, motorhomes, boats etc.), but also during standard renovations, such as small bathrooms, where the designer may want to install a half-bath.

The Revolving Wall is a patented invention established to meet this demand, particularly concerning bathrooms.

The Revolving Wall is a revolving structure that is able to turn 180 degrees around its central axis; it contains a shower and a washbasin that can be used alternatively as and when required.

It consists of a horizontal revolving plate upon which a vertical wall is installed, containing the necessary equipment to dispense hot and cold water and a drain.

Centro Sviluppo Brevetti is looking for international companies interested in developing the product and launching it onto the market.

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