Moving-coil seismic sensor: inventiveness and creativity “made in Italy”

This device has been invented and patented by an Italian engineer who reinvented and adapted a technology commonly used in loudspeakers converting and suiting it to a new purpose.

This mechanism no longer makes sound, but detects vibrations and converts them into a signal with a considerably higher sensitivity than the most common technologies currently on the market and at a very competitive price.

Such simple reinterpretation establishes a new worldwide market in several fields of application:

  • security/intrusion detection,
  • detection and vibrations monitoring,
  • scan for seismic activity,
  • accelerometry,
  • stethoscopes and teaching facilities.

What is currently available:

  • working prototypes and competences concerning the industrial production of the device,
  • an available industrial production structure ready to cooperate with other similar structures if necessary.

What is needed:

  • a resolute entrepreneur with adequate economic resources,
  • a technical structure that can enable the electronic framework necessary for adapting to the customers’ needs,
  • an international multi-sector commercial structure.

The invention is patented.

Centro Sviluppo Brevetti is looking for international companies interested in developing the product and launching it onto the market.

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