Collect organic waste every 4-5 days without unpleasant smells. Now you can!
The deterioration of the waste is linked to the presence of oxygen: if this is eliminated, the deterioration itself slows down.
The device invented and patented is a bin that can be opened and closed whenever you want and is regulated by an electronic system that reduces the presence of oxygen inside.
Several perfectly functioning prototypes have already been made.

No chemical additives are used, but it is based on a physical principle, therefore absolutely non-polluting.

The advantages are obvious:

– lower smells and formation of unpleasant liquids deriving from the deterioration of food (in particular fish and meat),

– the possibility of collecting the waste with a lower frequency, every 4-5 days instead of the current 1-2, as is done for glass, paper, metal.


Centro Sviluppo Brevetti is looking for international companies interested in developing the product and launching it onto the market. For further information please contact