Innovation on the snow: STRAIGHT is here!

Straight: what every ski school and every ski instructor should have!

It is now available for all snow lovers (first of all ski schools and instructors) a new accessory for alpine skiing, covered by international patent.

It is a knee spacer designed to improve skiers’ posture, able to keep the legs in a symmetric position and avoid the classic “X-shaped legs” error.

Thanks to an easy opening and closing system, STRAIGHT is handy to wear.

But that’s not all, once is position, STRAIGHT forces the knees to keep a parallel position and the proper distance between each other while skiing

Moreover, Straight eases ski’s parallelism perception and improves precision while changing direction.

The automatic release in case of a fall guarantees safety and prevents injuries.

The system has already been tested for a few seasons by several qualified ski instructors and the version currently in production contains the improvements suggested by those who have already tried it.

For all interested ski instructors and ski schools, please write to: or

For ski managers interested in becoming a commercial PROMOTOR in their ski area, you can submit your request to the same email addresses.

Innovation, functionality but also economic opportunities!