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INVENTIVENESS AND CREATIVITY “MADE IN ITALY” The most common problems for those who wear prosthesis or orthodontic appliances are: yellowing, unpleasant smells, incorrect oral hygiene, damage to the braces. The poor hygiene of the dental prosthesis generates risk factors often neglected by the patient, such as: periodontitis, formation of tartar on the prosthesis, irritation of […]

INVENTIVENESS AND CREATIVITY “MADE IN ITALY”  Innovation comes in the card game. A small robot has been invented and created that automates the functions of shuffling and distributing playing cards. This automatic device, particularly suitable for games such as Burako, has the following benefits: – simplicity – assurance – velocity – accuracy. A first version of […]

INVENTIVENESS AND CREATIVITY “MADE IN ITALY”. Collect organic waste every 4-5 days without unpleasant smells. Now you can! The deterioration of the waste is linked to the presence of oxygen: if this is eliminated, the deterioration itself slows down. The device invented and patented is a bin that can be opened and closed whenever you […]

This new floor cleaning machine is handy, innovative, fast, eco-friendly, professional and multifunctional. This machine is kitted out with innovative equipment to clean wide open spaces effectively and efficiently. Centro Sviluppo Brevetti presents an original device that can efficiently and ecologically clean even the most difficult places to reach, without wasting time and whilst minimising […]

Innovation on the snow: STRAIGHT is here! Straight: what every ski school and every ski instructor should have! It is now available for all snow lovers (first of all ski schools and instructors) a new accessory for alpine skiing, covered by international patent. It is a knee spacer designed to improve skiers’ posture, able to […]

The new rotary valve for inflow and outflow stream control: inventiveness and creativity “made in Italy” Processes within controlled conditions are increasingly common within the technical sector. Controlled conditions relates to conditions when contaminant gasses must remain outside a particular process environment, in order to not spoil the processed product. It is now possible to […]

Moving-coil seismic sensor: inventiveness and creativity “made in Italy” This device has been invented and patented by an Italian engineer who reinvented and adapted a technology commonly used in loudspeakers converting and suiting it to a new purpose. This mechanism no longer makes sound, but detects vibrations and converts them into a signal with a […]

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