The most common problems for those who wear prosthesis or orthodontic appliances are: yellowing, unpleasant smells, incorrect oral hygiene, damage to the braces.

The poor hygiene of the dental prosthesis generates risk factors often neglected by the patient, such as: periodontitis, formation of tartar on the prosthesis, irritation of the oral mucosa.

Many systems currently used to clean these devices are uncomfortable and inadequate. No more tablets, glasses and long waits! The solution invented by an Italian entrepreneur is a patented and tested cleansing gel, ideal for the daily hygiene of prosthesis, orthodontic appliances and transparent masks. Enriched with vitamin C, the detergent promotes the whitening of prosthesis and masks, as well as the maintenance of their original color.

The entrepreneur who invented the product is already producing and selling it in Italy for two years.

Centro Sviluppo Brevetti is looking for companies for the international distribution of the product, mainly in the pharmacy channel. For further information please contact